1.Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: Children should spend most of the time playing and studying, and they should not be required to do household chores, like cooking or cleaning.

  2.Some believe that teachers (for students from age 14-18) should focus on lecturing and asking students to take notes during lectures. Others believe that teachers should get students involved in discussion and encourage them to exchange ideas in class. Which way of teaching do you think is more effective for students' learning?

  3.The best way to improve quality of education is to increase teachers' salaries.

  4.Some parents offer their school-age children money for each high grade (mark) they get in school. Do you think this is a good idea?

  5.University students should be required to take basic science classes even if they are not part of the field of the study.

  6.What is the most important factor for students to succeed at university or college?

  1) university tutors' individual instructions to help solve students' problems;

  2) encouragement from family and friends;





  1. The Origins of Writing

  2. Live Performance

  3. The Origins of Theater

  4. The Development of Printing


  1. Early Theories of Continental Drift

  2. Attempts at Determining Earth’s Age

  3. How Soil is Formed

  4. Earth’s Energy Cycle

  5. Thermal Stratification


  1. The Climate of Japan

  2. The Role of the Ocean in Controlling Climate


  1. Effects of the Commercial Revolution

  2. Seventeenth-Century European Economic Growth


  1. Environmental Impact of the Anasazi

  2. The Collapse of the Mays

  3. The C...




  托福综合口语 Integrated Speaking 共120题

  第1题 来源:大陆 话题分类:Time Conflict 属性:核心预测




  【听力】问题:The woman has to conduct an interview for business class, and then write an essay on the process of starting business, but the interviewer who agreed to do the interview as a last minute business meeting that he has to go out of the town for the weekends. 解决方案1:The man suggested that she do the interview next week. 优点1:She could still do an okay job, may be not a great one. 缺点1:She will be left with only a few days to write up the paper because it is due next week. 解决方案2:Professor offer a list of business owners for student, she can find someone else to interview. 优点2:She could easily find a business owner. 缺点2:She is interested in healthy food industries, the person she was supposed to interview owns a healthy-food magazine, now she has to find people working in other fields.

  第2题 来源:大陆 话题分类:Dilemma Choice 属性:核心预测




  【听力】问题:Jenny 暑假必须参加一门生物课程才能毕业...




  C1:是讲这个女的要参加一个 summer science program 还是 intern,说有具体requirement,想咨询,问了主旨题。那男的说我以为已经过了 deadline 了,而且没有什么 requirement


  那女的说没有过,过了的是spring 的,我要去summer 的,summer 有要求,说一定要有experience。然后男的就说是的是的,summer是要有。我忘记女的说有没有了,不过那女的是biology major,which is an advantage,有题目,貌似是4选2。说她晓得应该怎么plan 之类的,那男的要她把这点mark出来,然后要她生物老师写recommendation(我忘了是她提的生物老师和她怎么样来着)。



  L2:就是讲 18-19 世纪 impressionism 的画家。很多画家开始画画都是从 copy 开始,然后很多年之后才能形成自己的风格,这里给出了BM 同学,话说此同学开始画画就是丛临摹开始,还跑到卢浮宫什么的去 observe 啊 copy 啊,然 后 C 出现,是个叼爆了的画家,愿意教 BM同学画画。但是 C 不准别人 observe,只是把画完了的给 BM学习。(有一段说 BM 还 去了什么 impressionism集训之类的,就是一堆画家天天临摹,忘记是在 c 收她之前还是之后了)。

  然后 BM 开第一个画展了,但是有人就说太像 C 了,她就把画都撕了,这里有题,问她的早期作品咋了,我说没了,有个选项是 lost,不要选,因为是她destroy 掉的。然后继续勤学苦练为了摆脱 C 的影响,到死都没成功,尽管还是多少会有点自己的风格咯。然后说 C 太牛逼了,连著名画家

  P(这里不是毕加索)和莫奈都深受其影响,有题,问提 P 和莫奈干嘛.仔细听吧,我忘了。

  L3:这是说在pacific coast area,北至阿拉斯加,贯穿加拿大,南至美国西海岸,有图。这里有一群人,以前以为他们是只hunting andgathering 不farming的,因为pacific coast area 自然资源丰富,不需要种地,有鱼有vegetable有blah,他们吃,还trade,举了个salmon的例子,此处有考题,我忘了。但实际上这群人还是farming的,说有个叫做C的植物有rhizome(地下茎),不是native,其他真记不到了,也没有听了。还来了European,他们来的时候有题目。

  L4:说的是猪笼草,我不记得英文了,但是这玩意儿我学过,就是吃虫子的植物,有图啊,有两个部分标注了英文,都是P 开头,要记住分别,长一点的p单词是猪笼草的头,lecture里面用的是upper ring 这样的说法,短一点的p单词是猪笼草的那个小...










  Human society has made great technological progress in the last hundred years. Some people think this also has negative effects on our life. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

  One hundred years ago, some people believed that human race would make continuous progress in all areas of life. Today, people feel less certain about what areas do you think the most important progress has been made? In what areas does more need to be done?

  As countries develop, their populations tend to live individually or in small family units. What are the causes of this trend and what are the effects on society?

  Some people claim that it is acceptable to use animals in medical research for the benefit of human beings, while other people argue that it is wrong. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

  Some people think that older school children should learn a wide range of subjects to acquire more knowledge, while other people believe they should learn a small number of subjects in details. Discuss both views and give your opinions.

  In many countries, the quality of life in large cities is becoming worse. What are the causes for this problem? What measures do you think should be taken to tackle this problem?

  Some ...




  Passage One


  题目: The Development of the Buttons in Europe


  文章主旨:文章介绍了纽扣在欧洲的发展史, 有明显的世纪的定位关键词

  Passage Two


  题目: Urban Coyotes

  题型:段落细节配对题, 填空题, 人名匹配题

  文章主旨:郊狼从野外到城市里生存的文章, 郊狼转战城市的原因是森林面积减少, 郊狼食肉动物,而且适应能力极强, 而且在狼逐步灭绝的过程中,郊狼已成为顶端动物。虽天生具有攻击性,但其实即使居住在城市里,对于人类也不会具有攻击性。往往郊狼最终有攻击 了人类的事情,其原因也是源自于人类的善意,比如,人类有的想要保护郊狼,然后就看到狼就喂食,而这种对于天性和本能的改变导致郊狼会有仇视产生攻击心理。郊狼在城市里的居住地范围不会占据大面积,有个小块儿隐蔽的地方就可以,但专家不会透露具体地址。郊狼在城市 里最大的危险是被撞死。然后作者说保护郊狼和赶走郊狼是两难境界, 但其实人类只要允许这群狼野性地自由成长就不会有大危险。

  Passage Three

  题材:生活心理类 (新)

  题目:How the shopper’s minds work

  题型: 单项选择, 摘要选词, 是非题

  文章主旨:文章主要讲解了购物时人们心理的变化, 以及商家如何利用谢谢变化来促销








  Describe a situation where you have to be polite

  You should say:

  What it is

  What did you do to be polite

  Why did you have to be polite

  And explain how you felt about it afterwards

  4月雅思口语新题part2范文之:礼貌的场合(a situation where you have to be polite)

  Ok, well I would actually like to start by saying that I try to be polite in all situations, because that was basically how I was brought up, but if I was to choose a particular occasion when I had to be polite, then I’ll talk about the time I went to a friend’s house for their birthday party.

  And as for when it was, well I suppose it must have been about three or four months ago, and basically what happened was that a friend of mine invited me, along with a few other of his friends, to his house for dinner to celebrate his birthday with him. And when we got there, we were given a nice welcome by his parents, who then offered us some drinks and took us through to the living room to wait for a bit while they finished preparing the dinner. Anyway, it was worth the wait, because the dinner was fantastic, and by the end of it, I was absolutely stuffed!

  So regarding why I had to be polite, well, I think it goes without saying that whenever you go to someone else’s house, you should always be polite, you know, it’s common sense, because I mean, if someon...




  Section One




  Section Two


  题型:单选5, 配对5

  内容概述:讨论一个人在模拟Iron Age的时期的经历

  Section Three




  Section Four



  内容概述: 19世纪Roger、Julia、William和Sherlock四位风格迥异的摄影师的介绍